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We started WriggleBrew to stop red tide in the USA and around the world.

Every time you use WriggleBrew you are supporting a cause for clean water, sustainable living, and a healthier, greener planet.


Let's Grow A Cleaner Earth Together

How it Started

One day, our C.E.O. Sam Baker went out fishing with his grandfather around the intercoastal waterway. However, they were shocked and disgusted when they arrived- the usually beautiful waterway was stinking and full of dead fish, poisoned by fertilizer runoff from the nearby fields. They left, devastated by this ruin of native wildlife. The experience stuck with Sam. He brought the issue of poisoned water to his friend and chemistry partner at the University of Central Florida, Gabe DeGalia. They started researching wildlife friendly fertilizers, but the options they found were ineffective, smelly, or difficult to use. They put their minds together and after years of research, trial, error, and finally success came up with WriggleBrew: Growth & Rescue! An all-purpose, clean, low-odor, organic, and completely safe alternative to chemical fertilizers that is at least as effective on all plants, if not more. Sam Baker and Gabe DeGalia have now built a family and friends business dedicated to taking care of the planet and its inhabitants, one bottle at a time.

Our Story

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Meet the Team

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Samuel Baker

C.E.O. & Founder

Sam is WriggleBrew's founder and owner. Sam studied chemistry alongside Gabe at UCF, where they developed the Growth & Rescue formula. He then moved on to graduate in economics to better understand how to run WriggleBrew. His business acumen and wide range of skills has brought WriggleBrew to where it is today.

"I play saxophone, I do metalwork and I’m a huge outdoorsman: fishing, hiking, camping, SCUBA, biking- I was an Eagle Scout, so I love fresh air whenever I can get it."

scientist in a black suit crossing his arms and looking confident and smart

Gabriel DeGalia

C.R.O. & WriggleBrew Creator

Gabriel is WriggleBrew's chief researcher. With a background in chemistry at UCF and a strong passion for chemistry and biology, Gabe spearheaded WriggleBrew's unique composition, and continues to improve on the formula as well as its production through constant experimentation.

"My ultimate goal in life is to make the world a better place to live in for as many people as possible. I believe the best path to this is through small business- in producing a product that is useful on the most basic level."

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Colin Kruger

Chief Business Officer

When he's not keeping track of WriggleBrew's finances, Colin can be found helping out in every other aspect of the business. Colin's background in nutritional and health sciences helped WriggleBrew to be the effective, organic  product it is today.

" I have a love for numbers and biology, and am driven to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to protect our planet and help return the world to a healthy lifestyle."

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Italo Rangel

Chief Operations Officer

Italo is in charge of the production process, covering everything from brewing to labeling. He makes sure that everything is ready to go when you buy! His innovative design skills help our process become even more efficient so that we can brew enough fertilizer to ship around the United States

"WriggleBrew gives me the opportunity to help the earth and serve my community while being surrounded by the people closest to me"

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Nan Moreno

Chief Marketing Officer

Nan is in charge of our visual presence online and in the store. Her background in both physics and art give her a unique perspective on how best to reach our customers all over the United States. She also runs our multiple social media accounts and creates any and all graphics we need.

"I loved using WriggleBrew on my plants for the amazing results, but when I heard about why it was started I couldn't stay away- I firmly believe that WriggleBrew can make the world a better, more sustainable place. I'm here to bring it into the world spotlight."

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