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Who are we?

About Us

We are a close-knit friend group of recent college grads (and a few who are still students) with a passion for science, gardening, sustainability, and making the world a better place. We started this venture to fill a niche in the home and gardening fertilizer market which hasn't been addressed - a lack of convenient, effective, and environmentally friendly fertilizers. After some years of research, trial and error, and some long nights, we've created "WriggleBrew"! 

We got our start in the science fairs of high school, learning how to conduct experiments and do research. Following the science fairs, some of us began working as researchers at a lab at UCF, and combining this with our personal experience and tests at our home gardens, WriggleBrew was born - first merely to help our own plants, but soon we began sharing it with friends and family, and ultimately with you!

Meet WriggleBrew!

Sam Baker

CEO & Founder

Sam is WriggleBrew's founder and owner. Sam studied chemistry alongside Gabe at UCF before moving on to study economics to better understand how to found and run WriggleBrew.

Gabriel DeGaglia

CRO & Head Brewer

Gabriel is WriggleBrew's chief researcher. With a background in chemistry at UCF and a strong passion for chemistry and biology, Gabe spearheaded WriggleBrew's unique composition, and continues to improve on the formula as well as its production through constant experimentation.

"My ultimate goal in life is to make the world a better place to live in for as many people as possible. With my current set of skills I believe the best path to this is through small business in producing a product that is useful on the most basic level."

Colin Kruger

COO & Bio-Nutritionist

Colin acts as WriggleBrew's Chief of Operations, fulfilling a jack-of-all trades role - helping in everything from setting up and maintaining our production, to being on the ground at nearly every garden show. Colin's background in nutritional and health sciences has also given him an edge in helping WriggleBrew strive to be a more organic and effective product.

"As a student majoring in health sciences, I have a love for biology and am driven to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to protect our planet and help return the world to a healthy lifestyle."

Italo Rangel

CTO & Website Coordinator

Italo is WriggleBrew's chief technology officer, focused around the technology aspect of all WriggleBrew operations. Italo has a strong passion for programming, development, and design that helps us optimize our workflow and supports our online presence.

Chris Vallee


Chris is WriggleBrew's Chief Creative Officer, creating promotional art as well as assisting in production. Chris is an artist who lives to create and through WriggleBrew wishes to create a better future for himself, his friends, and the Earth.

Nancy Anne Moreno


Nan is Wrigglebrew's Chief Marketing Officer, in charge of our visual presence online and in the store. Her background as both a science and art teacher give her a unique perspective on how best to reach our cutomers all over the United States.

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