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Who are we?

About Us

We are a close-knit friend group of recent college grads (and a few who are still students) with a passion for science, gardening, sustainability, and making the world a better place. We started this venture to fill a niche in the home and gardening fertilizer market which hasn't been addressed - a lack of convenient, effective, and environmentally friendly fertilizers. After some years of research, trial and error, and some long nights, we've created "WriggleBrew"! 

We got our start in the science fairs of high school, learning how to conduct experiments and do research. Following the science fairs, some of us began working as researchers at a lab at UCF, and combining this with our personal experience and tests at our home gardens, WriggleBrew was born - first merely to help our own plants, but soon we began sharing it with friends and family, and ultimately with you!

Meet WriggleBrew!

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