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Clear Water Lake

WriggleBrew: Effective, Family-Friendly Fertilizer

  • Non-Toxic & Low Odor

  • No Burn Risk

  • All-Purpose

Our fertilizers are made with sustainable worm castings to feed plants the way nature intended.  Everything your plants need to grow fast and healthy is sold here in a bag or bottle!

Bonus: every bottle you use helps to further our mission to end red tide!

About Us

We are a group of family & friends who want to help make the Earth better, healthier, and safer for all life around the world, starting right here at home in the USA.


We started WriggleBrew to create a safe, earth-friendly alternative to the other fertilizers currently on the market. We knew it had to be special: safe to use around pets and kids, not smelly (we see you, fish fertilizers), eco & wildlife friendly, and most importantly: EFFECTIVE!


It has to make your plants grow like crazy or it's not worth buying!

Our Growth & Rescue liquid fertilizer is all of that and more! It's literally everything your plant needs to grow in a bottle. It has all the gains and none of the risks:

  • Can you use too much? Nope! (No burn risk, only helpful nutrients)

  • Will it hurt local pollinators? Nope! (It actually encourages them!)

  • Is it expensive? Nope! (It's a concentrate!)


Each bottle is at least 8 gallons of fertilizer, and while you can use it as often as you want, many choose to only use it at the start of planting season and have amazing yields just from that one use!

Whatever your planty dreams, we're here to make them come true. Let's work together to save the planet, one bottle (and one garden) at a time.


Best Deal Bundle

25% off!

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