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Clear Water Lake

WriggleBrew: Effective, Family-Friendly Fertilizer

We create clean, natural fertilizer that performs as well or better than commercial chemical fertilizers while being safe for humans and wildlife alike!

Our fertilizers are made with sustainable worm castings from local worm farmers and work the way nature intended.  Everything your plants needs in a bag or bottle, to keep the planet and your family healthy!

Our Story:


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Sam Baker, our founder and CEO, went out fishing with his grandfather in an intercoastal waterway only to be devastated when they arrived at water stinking with dead fish, poisoned by fertilizer runoff from nearby fields.

He brought the issue of poisoned water to his friend and chemistry partner at the University of Central Florida, Gabe DeGalia. They started researching wildlife friendly fertilizers, but the options they found were ineffective, smelly, or difficult to use. They put their minds together and after years of research, trial, error, and finally success they came up with Growth & Rescue!

WriggleBrew is now a small friends & family business providing the best all-natural fertilizer you can buy!

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