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How To Use WriggleBrew!

WriggleBrew is convenient to use and won't burn plants; however, to get the most bang for your buck, here are some tips and tricks for the most effective and efficient use of WriggleBrew.

For most uses,1 cup of concentrate mixed into 1 gallon of water is most efficient. For struggling plants or seedlings, undiluted concentrate can also be used. See below for more information!

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WriggleBrew for Gardens and Garden Beds

WriggleBrew is a fantastic amendment to the soil and roots of gardens and garden beds of any kind, adding often-needed nutrients as well as a potent microbiome which will defend and assist plants. In a standard raised or open garden bed around 4x8' in size, a single quart bottle of WriggleBrew can make a major impact on the health of plants. 

Starting a bed

When starting a bed or potted plant, nutrients are key! Seeds and seedlings benefit enormously from WriggleBrew, which is rich in humic and folic acid, NPK, and other valuable compounds. A capful or so of undiluted WriggleBrew added per plant can rapidly speed plant growth and boost the young immune system. 


For already established beds or potted plants, WriggleBrew provides a great way to strengthen immune systems and enrich plants. 1 cup of WriggleBrew added to 1 gallon of water makes an excellent weekly watering supplement. Use this mixture as you water, either sprayed on leaves, near bases of plants, or poured directly on the base. 


Discoloration can blight otherwise healthy plants for reasons not readily apparent. WriggleBrew may be able to help.


Black or white spots, for instance, are often caused by molds - these molds can be treated with WriggleBrew. Spray undiluted WriggleBrew on spots with black or white patches once a week, up to once every day if spotting is severe.

Yellow and brown spots can be caused by either viruses or a nutritional issues such as nitrogen poisoning or deficiency. Both can be assisted by WriggleBrew. Pour near plant base a capful or up to 1 cup of undiluted WriggleBrew every day for a week, then reduce to once a week thereafter. This will boost the immune system and provide nutrients. 

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