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Grow Better, Easier with WriggleBrew Fertilizers

WriggleBrew increases soil, ground water, and plant quality at any time, on any day, while reducing your fertilizer expenses by up to 20%!

Our liquid fertilizer makes it incredibly easy to inject right into your existing watering systems, eliminating plant burning from traditional chemical fertilizers with no extra work.

The Benefits of WriggleBrew
  • WriggleBrew is up to 20% cheaper than name brand chemical fertilizers while providing identical results.

  • Unlike traditional chemical fertilizers, WriggleBrew is very low in NPKs. Our fertilization comes from macro nutrients and the beneficial bacteria we've chosen to work together with your plant to reinforce the immune system and boost growth.

  • Traditional fertilizers require a lot of careful use, setup, and timing to achieve good results. WriggleBrew can applied at any time of day or year with no additional setup, and since WriggleBrew is low in NPKs accidental overuse will not burn your plants.

  • Since WriggleBrew is a liquid fertilizer, it is incredibly easy to inject directly into any existing irrigation system, allowing extremely easy and instant fertilization using the equipment you already have!

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