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Wholesale WriggleBrew Liquid Fertilizer By Case

Wholesale WriggleBrew Liquid Fertilizer By Case

All the Growth & Rescue you could need, at wholesale prices!

The bulk fertilizer option for every plant-grower's need. This is for the landscaper, homesteader, farmer, commercial nursery, or houseplant parent with 200 plants and a gnat infestation. Includes sprayheads for each bottle.


Comes in minimum order of 8 quarts at $10 a quart, order 3 cases or more and get $9 a quart!
We also do tote and custom orders. Inquire at
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Our special Growth & Rescue formula can do it all; If you’re looking for a unique, pollinator friendly product to add to your shelves, this is it!


WriggleBrew G&R is made from worm castings AKA mother nature’s favorite fertilizer. There are other organic fertilizers out there, but they’re smelly, hard to use, and sometimes just completely ineffective- not to mention that none can do everything that’s in WriggleBrew. We’ve concentrated the power of odorless worm poop in one bottle and added microbes & immune boosting ingredients for complete plant nutrition.

Bonus: using G&R is actually good for the environment! Almost no carbon emissions are used in the brewing process (it's all from air conditioning- we're headquartered in Florida) and we source high-quality worm castings from local worm farms. Our bottles are made from the highly recylable PET which is accepted in curbside recycling in most states.


Growth Boosting ➡ Made from worm castings , containing a complete planty nutritional profile that does more than just “NPK” products. Results in more nutritious produce in your garden, healthier plants in pots, and promotes long-term plant health

Improve Soil with Microbes ➡ These plant buddies that break down humic & fulvic acids into the perfect amount of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium a plant could need! 

Easy-to-use & Risk Free ➡ No burn risk, no need to research the different nutritional needs for different plants, and you can use it however you want!

All-Purpose & Odorless Works on anything with roots, even your picky plants! And it doesn't smell so it's perfect for indoor use

Family & Wildlife Safe ➡ Synthetic fertilizers with higher NPK are dangerous to handle and even unsafe to breathe! We ALL evolved depending on the fertilizing power of earth worms, so their castings are naturally safe to be around for humans, pets, pollinators, and wildlife. We take the extra step of sanitizing the castings and including only FDA approved food-safe microbes.

We drank it to make sure! **not intended for human consumption, we just needed to test it.

Protects Against Pests ➡ Contains immune-boosting chitin that helps plants fight off pests & disease. Get rid of gnats, thrips, mealies, mites, and scale while fertilizing! No infestation? No problem- the chitin will prevent infestations from happening to your plants!

  • About the Brand

    Wrigglebrew was created as a safe, effective alternative to synthetic chemical fertilizers that are draining into our waterways and killing wildlife. Every rainfall, every watering, the synthetic NPK fertilizer that you're putting on your lawn, garden, or even houseplants (their water goes down drains!) flows out of the dirt and into our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Ever heard of toxic algae blooms? Nitrogen (the N in NPK) is causing those- the same stuff you buy in a bag or big yellow bottle at the store!

    We strive to replace all toxic fertilizers with eco-friendly alternatives to ensure a safe, thriving earth for us and the following generations. WriggleBrew products are naturally based and powered up by worm poop! Thankfully it doesn’t smell. We up the ante with our small-batch process and stringent quality control. Every bottle is packed with earth-healing goodness.

    But it’s not all poop jokes and worms over here- there's a more serious reason we're doing this all- more serious than saving habitats. Malnutrition that stems from mineral fertilizer use on crops makes up about 4% of child deaths around the world right now. Mineral fertilizers, like a certain TikTok famous houseplant fertilizer, does not let plants uptake (eat) the micronutrients that we humans need from our food: like zinc, iron, and magnesium. Makes the plants more susceptible to disease too.

    We aim to give a nutritious alternative to mineral fertilizers around the world to literally save children and adults from dying because their food isn't providing the nutrients they need- nutrients we evolved to take from our food.

    It's a huge goal, but we're starting with you, dear customer choosing to use our products. Little by little we'll grow until we can reach those far-off places in need of our revolutionary fertilizer to grow more nutritious crops. We'll stop toxic algae blooms in lakes around the world, end deadly red tide in our oceans, restore the habitats of aquatic life around the world, and provide proper nutrition the world over- all while we keep growing food as abundantly as we do right now.

    Let's do it together, a bottle at a time!


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