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Ralph Taylor Nursery

WriggleBrew exceeded the growth results of cutting when compared to the fertilizer RTN normally uses. With WriggleBrew, RTN experienced less loss.


We have had great success with WriggleBrew. We tested it on a mealy bug infestation and the plants rebounded within 2 weeks.

Yura Vine Brothers

At Yura Vine we always try to partner up with small businesses. But partnering up with the WriggleBrew team is a while world of difference. Not only is their product top notch but their founders are awesome as well!

Florida Grow

Thanks to the sample given to our team by WriggleBrew, we ran a test and were able to see faster growth in a group of seedlings fertilized when compared to those that were not, along with using it to fight off pests on one of our office plants and working like a charm! After seeing its effects, we placed a much larger order and are now intending to spray all our plants with it. 5 stars for WriggleBrew!

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average rating is 5 out of 5


Jan 7, 2023

The wrigglebrew is literally amazing. We got a free sample at our nursery and the spray produced amazing results overnight. I sprayed some Dahlias that had really really bad fungus, leaf miners and the next day they looked like completely different plants! The leaves were so green, shiny and healthy, it was amazing!! I can’t wait to get more and try it on more plants.

average rating is 5 out of 5


Dec 7, 2022

I was unable to successfully grow my tomato plants, I struggled with pests and my general lack of a green thumb but with Wrigglebrew I was able to get some actual growth.

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