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Wholesale Solar Soil Vermicompost- Water Saving Soil Amendment

Wholesale Solar Soil Vermicompost- Water Saving Soil Amendment

All the Solar Soil you could need, at wholesale prices!

Each case contains  6 5-lbs bags. Solar Soil is packaged in recyclable Kraft bags that stand on their own with bright labels to shine from the shelves.


Comes in minimum order of 6 bags at $10 per, order 3 cases or more and get $9 a bag!
We also do large and custom orders. Inquire at



Say bye to constant watering and hi to a beautiful, hassle-free garden with our Solar Soil Vermicompost. From houseplants to roses, veggies to fruit trees- it's all-purpose nutrition that makes plant growing easier!


Solar Soil is special because it has a super power-  its spongy water-saving ability saves your plants from the hot, dry sun. No more daily watering in the heat of summer, or worrying about root rot from overwatering- Solar Soil soaks up water and holds it away from the roots until the plant says it's needed. Now you can enjoy lush and thriving greenery without worry!


It doesn’t just save you water or time- Solar Soil contains humic and fulvic acid that supports long-term plant health! By creating a nutritious soil mixture, this vermicompost promotes robust & vibrant growth, ensuring your plants flourish. Say goodbye to constantly worrying about watering your plants and hello to a thriving garden with our Solar Soil Vermicompost. And it’s perfect for those desert gardeners- save water and get the same, or better, yields this year!


Packed with essential nutrients like humic and fulvic acid, it supports long-term plant health by fostering healthy soil. Give your plants long-term and consistent nutrition & water when you use Solar Soil as a topsoil mix or ground cover.

Save water ➡ Special spongy structure soaks up water so you water less without worry of rot


Nutritional Boost ➡ Boost long-term growth to existing soil with naturally occurring humic & fulvic acids and important micronutrients.


Prevention ➡ Contains chitin to prevent infestation & disease in all plants with roots, as well as fights off any current or ongoing infections


Non-Toxic ➡ Made from worm castings which are human, pet, pollinator, wildlife, & runoff safe! Just don’t eat it, it is dirt after all. Not intended for human consumption.

  • How to Use

    There are 3 ways to use Solar Soil: mix in, cover, or plant.


    Mix-In: Mix a bag of solar soil with up to 25 lbs of other soil to improve soil quality and water retention. See chart for ratios.

    Cover: Spread Solar Soil around the base of any plant or area you would like to retain water longer, or in areas that seem to be failing. Spread until the desired area is visibly covered. Best for unestablished plants in sunny locations, bald lawn spots, hilly areas where water struggles to stay, or to encourage blooms in flowering bushes.

    Plant: You can use Solar Soil as just that- soil! It contains everything a plant needs to grow, so just plop your plant or seeds in and watch them take off! Warning- this method requires MUCH less water than you’re used to. Solar soil is most efficient when mixed with at least a little bit of other soil types.

  • About the Brand

    Wrigglebrew was created as a safe, effective alternative to synthetic chemical fertilizers that are draining into our waterways and killing wildlife. Every rainfall, every watering, the synthetic NPK fertilizer that you're putting on your lawn, garden, or even houseplants (their water goes down drains!) flows out of the dirt and into our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Ever heard of toxic algae blooms? Nitrogen (the N in NPK) is causing those- the same stuff you buy in a bag or big yellow bottle at the store!

    We strive to replace all toxic fertilizers with eco-friendly alternatives to ensure a safe, thriving earth for us and the following generations. WriggleBrew products are naturally based and powered up by worm poop! Thankfully it doesn’t smell. We up the ante with our small-batch process and stringent quality control. Every bottle is packed with earth-healing goodness.

    But it’s not all poop jokes and worms over here- there's a more serious reason we're doing this all- more serious than saving habitats. Malnutrition that stems from mineral fertilizer use on crops makes up about 4% of child deaths around the world right now. Mineral fertilizers, like a certain TikTok famous houseplant fertilizer, does not let plants uptake (eat) the micronutrients that we humans need from our food: like zinc, iron, and magnesium. Makes the plants more susceptible to disease too.

    We aim to give a nutritious alternative to mineral fertilizers around the world to literally save children and adults from dying because their food isn't providing the nutrients they need- nutrients we evolved to take from our food.

    It's a huge goal, but we're starting with you, dear customer choosing to use our products. Little by little we'll grow until we can reach those far-off places in need of our revolutionary fertilizer to grow more nutritious crops. We'll stop toxic algae blooms in lakes around the world, end deadly red tide in our oceans, restore the habitats of aquatic life around the world, and provide proper nutrition the world over- all while we keep growing food as abundantly as we do right now.

    Let's do it together, a bottle at a time!