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Frequently Asked Questions

What plants should I use WriggleBrew on?

WriggleBrew is a true all-purpose fertilizer that can be used on any plant that grows! However, it is most effective when used on plants with roots (sorry, air plants. We'll include you soon!). It is also effective on epiphytes and other climbing plants.

Is WriggleBrew organic?

All our products are organic! We are in the process of obtaining OMRI Organic certification. The process takes anywhere from 4 months to 2 years. If you would like proof of the organic nature of our products, contact us at

Aren't you just another worm tea/fertilizer brand?

It's true, there are a lot of fertilizers being sold out there. Some seem cheaper, look better, and have more reviews. So why should you buy from us?

To put it simply, because we want to help the world. Google "red tide effects"- it's truly shocking. That's what we want to stop, and we're starting by helping our fellow countrymen grow bigger, better, and more earth-friendly plants. We put more effort into our 'brew than just worm castings: we've included important microbes and ingredients to not just increase plant and soil health, but to also boost the immune system of your plants for hardier, tastier plants.

Our scientists know yields are higher and plants are healthier when you use WriggleBrew, but the USA doesn't yet. We're just five 20-something year olds trying to make the world a better place to live and we can't spread the word by ourselves. It's up to you, dear person reading this FAQ, to try it out for yourself and tell everyone you know when it proves itself. So that's why you should buy- it's a high quality fertilizer, it helps the earth, and is all about a cause that needs you to succeed.

Can you drink Wrigglebrew?

No! While WriggleBrew is a non-toxic and safe alternative to synthetic fertilizers, it is NOT intended for human consumption. Any produce sprayed with WriggleBrew should be washed before consuming. Mild nausea or vomiting may occur if consumed in large amounts.

How should I use WriggleBrew?

Check out our "How to Use" page!

Are you American?

Yes! WriggleBrew is proudly founded and made in the United States of America. We're a true garage start-up located in Lake Mary, Florida. We're dedicated to boosting the American economy and strive to use only U.S. based products.

Where can I buy in person?

We are currently only found in nurseries in Orlando and the surrounding areas. However, we ship nation-wide! Including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

¿Hablan español?

¡Sí! Mándenos un email o pide por Italo cuando nos llame.

I love WriggleBrew! How can I help spread the word?

We're so glad you love WriggleBrew! Please leave us a review, tell your friends, and post about us in your favorite social media groups! You can also follow us and share our posts.

Someone told me WriggleBrew kills common plant pests- is that true?

WriggleBrew is not a pesticide registered with the EPA and as such we cannot *officially* claim any pesticide properties on this website. Please email us at for more information on how WriggleBrew can organically help your plants!

Have a question that isn't answered here? Message us at!

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