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Best Deal Bundle

Best Deal Bundle

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Our best deal yet! Save 25% when you bundle a bag of Solar Soil with two quarts of our magical Growth & Rescue fertilizer.
Perfect as a gift for your favorite plant lover or to help you prep for planting season!

Growth & Rescue Description:

WriggleBrew's Growth & Rescue is a growth-boosting liquid fertilizer concentrate that delivers essential nutrients to your plant the way nature intended! Completely all natural, it is safe to use around pets and kids, straight or diluted, and has little to no odor. It introduces essential beneficial microbes to your soil to encourage healthy root growth and help strengthen your plants against adverse conditions!

Effective on both indoor and outdoor plants; safe for use in aquariums, terrariums, reptile/insect inclosures, hydroponics, aquaponics, and for use on sensitive plants like bonsai, damaged trees, calathea, and flowering plants.


Solar Soil Description: Give your soil the boost it needs with Solar Soil! Derived from worm castings, Solar soil is full of micronutrients and humic and fulvic acids to help your plants thrive. It's special sponge-like structure holds water until the roots need it, saving you from watering and your roots from rot! Organic, sustainable, and designed to deliver food to your plants the way nature intended.

Easy to use ✔
Earth-Friendly ✔
Sustainably Sourced ✔
Made in the USA ✔

May cause mild nausea or indegestion if swallowed in large amounts.

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